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Due to the quality and price of our gold supply we are forced to suspend operations until we can find another source of high quality gold.

We are keeping our website open for informational purpose only - please check out our FAQS page for interesting gold plating facts.

Specialists can come to your location and handcraft each of your valuables with meticulous detail using the finest and purest gold available when we re-open.


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Gold Plating Suggestions


24 Karat Gold Detailing

The timeless, understated elegance of 24 karat gold displays the pride you take in your vehicle.
The Gold Plating is achieved on your vehicle without having to remove the emblems and the process does not affect paint finishes.



Emblems, Rims, Gauges and Trim are just some of the endless possibilities for automotive and motorcycle customizing. Gold can also be deposited on Engine parts, Valve covers, Exhaust systems and high temperature applications.
Sorry! NO Wheel or Grill quotes at this time


Marine Hardware

Reels, Cleats, Rope guides, Trim work and Lights are some of the many options if you own a boat.
Plating these items helps to eliminate corrosion and pitting.



Enhance Watches, Earrings, Pendants, Eyeglasses, Belt buckles, Bracelets and more.
Restore these items to their original luster and beauty at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to replace them.


Sporting Goods

Add the brilliance of Gold to Golf clubs, Fishing tackle, Guns, Knives, Scuba gear and more...
(Guns and Tackle need to be disasembled to be plated!)


Home Interior

One look at a 24 kt gold finish and you will see why it's the choice in home interiors.
Compliment your decor with Gold Plated Door knobs, Hinges, Lighting fixtures, Ceiling fans and Picture frames are just the beginning of how you can express your individual taste and style.


Kitchen & Bath

Faucets, Handles, Flatware, Small Appliances, Pots, Pans, Utensils and Hardware are just a few of the items in your kitchen that can be enhanced with 24 kt. gold.
A 24 kt gold finish will redefine your decorating options.


Electronics and Equipment

Gold Plate contacts and terminals for maximum conductivity.
Personal electronics such as cell phone cases may also be plated.
Our 24 kt gold finish has proven durability with superior resistance to wear.


Musical Instruments

Guitar Hardware, Horns, Music Stands, Logos on Amps and Instruments.
With proper maintenance your finish will provide years of beauty and satisfaction.

About Texas Portable Gold Plating

Our unique mobile service means the items you want gold plated can be done on the spot without being removed. Your automobile emblems can be brush plated with 24 kt gold right on your vehicle and right in your driveway.

Our equipment is the latest technology – high power brush plating gives you a lasting lustrous finish that speaks of “luxury and style”. The plating system we use utilizes pulse technology which provides a harder plate and finer grain structure for longer lasting plating.

The 24 kt finishes apply quickly,
are long lasting and easy to maintain.

Dealer and Customizing shop inquiries welcome!

Call now to give your treasures to a beautiful
24 kt gold finish!

Phone: 281-733-7519

Frequently Asked Questions About Gold Plating

Is gold plating expensive? NO! Gold plating is not as expensive as you might think!

How long will the gold last? 24 Karat gold will never corrode. With proper care and under normal conditions, the gold plate will last many years without peeling, fading or chipping.

Is gold difficult to maintain? Gold requires very little maintenance at all. Gold will not tarnish, rust or corrode. Just wash with a gentle solution of soap and water.

Will the gold plated finish wear off? The 24 Karat gold plating is very thin and will ware off if exposure to constant abrasion. You should not use abrasives or scouring pads when cleaning your Gold plating.

What type of material CAN be gold plated? Any chrome, raw steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, some metalisized plastics, to name a few.

How can I tell if a conductive surface is chrome, aluminum, or stainless steel? Most silver colored, metallic (conductive), surfaces encountered in everyday use are either chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, zinc or silver.

What type of material CANNOT be gold plated? We cannot gold plate non-conductive materials such as glass, plastic, wood, etc. However, if the non-conductive base already has an existing metallic coating, it can sometimes be plated. For example; Many of the chrome/plastic grilles in automobiles can be gold plated.

Does an automobile emblem have to be removed before it can be gold plated? Not usually and the plating solutions will not affect most car finishes.

Why is aluminum so difficult to plate? Aluminum is a very reactive metal that oxidizes within seconds of coming into contact with the air.

Can you create a "two-tone" finish? With custom masking techniques we can "two-tone" many items with a gold/chrome finish.

Will Gold add a shine to my piece? Gold plating will not change the finish. If the original piece is shiny the finished piece will be shiny Gold.

Texas Portable Gold Plating Price Lists

These prices are subject to change and are based on the item to be plated
are in good condition without scratches, rust, pitting or cracks.


Emblems $50-$150.00 (depending on size)
Grilles $150-1200.00 (depending on size & style)
Fender Trim & Moldings $75-350.00 (depending on size)
License Plate Frames As low as $45-85.00/ea.
Wheels - Pre-Chromed Sorry! We are no longer able to quote wheels because of time constraints and the price of gold
Door Handles $125-200.00/ea. (depending on size)
Windshield Wipers $50-155.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Radio Antennas $40-75.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Bumpers $350-1000.00 (depending on size & style)
Luggage Racks $300-425.00 (depending on size)
Mirrors As low as $45.00/ea.
Lug Nuts  As low as $20.00/ea.
We have dealer and quantity discounts available. Call 281-733-7519 for details!


Rings (small to large) $25-75.00 (depending on size & style)
Bracelets $40-100.00 (depending on size & style)
Pendants $20-50.00 (depending on size & style)
Ear Rings $20-45.00/pair (depending on size & style)
Chains As low as $30.00 per inch
Cuff Links $40-65.00/pair (depending on size & style)
Belt Buckles $40-200.00 (depending on size & style)
Buttons - metal only $6-15.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Charm Bracelets $55-85.00/ea. (depending on size & style)

Bath & Kitchen

Faucets (Pre-Chromed) $100-350.00 (depending on size & style)
Handles - Faucets $50-100.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Shower Heads $60-150.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Bath/Tub Spout  $80-175.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Drains $45-100.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Towel Racks $120-300.00/ea. (depending on size)
Metal Soap Holders $80-150.00/ea. (depending on size & style)

Decorator Items

Address Numbers (Brass or Steel) $50.00-150.00/ea. number (depending on size)
Doorbell Escutcheon $10-55.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Door Knocker (Brass) $65-125.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Kick Plates - Front Door $65-85.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Cabinet Hardware call 281-733-7519 for quotes
Door Hinges $40-125.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Door Handles $40-150.00 (depending on size & style)
Metal Switch/Receptacle Covers $45-80.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Keys (house) $15-35.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Candle Stick Holders $60-120.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Serving Trays (Silver plated) As low as $75.00 and up
Pitchers As low as $50.00
Sugar/Creamer Servers As low as $25.00
Silverware/Utensils $25.00-75.00 (depending on size & style)
Napkin Rings $25-150.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Scissors, Letter Openers, etc. $40-65.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Coat Hangers $20-60.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Other Items Call 281-733-7519 for quotes

Sports & Hobbies

Golf Club Heads $125-235.00/ea. (depending on size)
Golf Club Shafts (Metal only) $65-155.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Fishing Tackel Call 281-733-7519 for quotes
Knives $55-150.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Pistols (must be disassembled) $150-400.00/ea. (depending on size)
Rifles (must be disassembled) call 281-733-7519 for quotes
Scuba gear call 281-733-7519 for quotes
Boat Kleats $75-150.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Boat Running Lights $75-250.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Boat Stanchions $75-200.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Boat Trim & Moldings $75-250.00 (depending on size)
Guitar Hardware $50-100.00 (depending on amount)
Horns $150-325.00 (depending on size)
Horn mouth pieces $25-65.00/ea. (depending on size & style)
Other Pleasures & Passions Call 281-733-7519 for Details!

Please add a mileage charge of $50.00
per visit in the Houston metropolitan area.
Aditional mileage charges may apply
if you are located outside of Houston Texas.

All items must be metal.
We do not plate items that are composed of wood, paper, plastic, etc.

Some metals such as Aluminum, Pewter, Pot Metal and White Metal
must be Pre-Chromed prior to be being Gold plated.

Prices may vary slightly depending on the condition
of the part and the amount of preparation.

Plating will not cover scratches, pits, weathering, oxidation, cracking, etc.
and Gold plating will not change the surface texture.




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